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Collecting Memories | Savor Keepsake Box

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With starting homeschool this Fall, one thing I really tried to focus on was getting our house organized. I wanted to make sure I would be able to keep all the beautiful things Arabella (Belle) and I did together without keeping a ton of clutter. Piling her projects and papers into a basket or leaving them on the table was not an option for me... I need clear surfaces. I would love to wallpaper the house with all her art work but I can't get her to commit to a color scheme ;) 

Then we received a Savor keepsake box.



This incredible company designed a keepsake storage box with folders for all the special papers, letters, projects, treasures, documents and photos, and they made it cute!


The box comes with two sections, "Work" and "Whimsy" and sheets of stickers to label each folder inside. We only started our homeschool journey a month ago so I don't want to commit and label each folder just yet, but we labeled a few. "Letters sent to me" went in the Whimsy folder along with "treasures" and then "artwork" and "special projects" went in the Work folder. 

Arabella was so proud putting her special artwork in the folder.


One thing I was selfishly disappointed about when deciding to homeschool, was that I wouldn't receive Mother's Day projects for a while (at least none that we didn't do together.) 1) I was wrong about that... she makes me sweet cards and projects everyday but 2) I was giddy when she came out of Sunday School with a hand print project on Mother's Day. So that sweet print that was hanging and getting a little battered on our fridge for months, now got safely put into the "Mother's/Father's Day" section. 


I am terrible at sending cards. I have a friend who is amazing about it. Think about the last card you received in the mail, that friend must be a pretty good card sender right? To even go to the post office, buy a stamp, buy or make a card, hand write it, put it in the mail box... what a great friend. My friend beats your friend. I am convinced she would win some kind of record for card sending. When I say I have a card from her every time I open my mail box, I am not kidding. She sends cards for every occasion, every trip she goes on and for every day in between just to tell us or the kids that she's thinking about us. And she does it for ALL our friends. So when i pick up a bundle of bills and junk mail that happy little card will brighten our day. Now we have the perfect place to keep them all!


Perhaps the most wonderful thing about the Savor Keepsake Box is how beautiful it is! It's made of a thick canvas material so it feels sturdy and looks classy and modern just sitting on a shelf. 



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