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These Little Waves

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It has always struck me how completely unpredictable, incredible and overwhelming the ocean is. Much like raising babes. I find that their childhood is like an ocean. 


It feels huge.



It's actually more like the waves... each phase rolls up, the good, the hard, and then as quickly as it came it goes. 



Then it's on to the next phase. 



And here I am. I blinked and I'm not anguished over why my newborn isn't nursing long enough anymore. I'm thinking about how my 4 year old will learn her phonics. If she'll be a kind human. How I'll teach her to be brave, considerate, determined. How I'll fill her with the confidence to find a dream and know she can achieve it. 



I feel insurmountably blessed that I can work from home. It has given me the chance to raise my babies and now lead them up and teach them what they need to know. I won't lie. I feel overwhelmed at the amount of knowledge that needs to be poured into these kids. But I'm also aware and peaceful in the fact that their little spongy selves are absorbing everything around them. 


Do we sit down with a work sheet? Yes, of course. Do we do rote memorization? Yes, mostly in silly song forms that I make up on the spot. (My children are my biggest fans. For now)


But the bulk of our learning is done, well, in life. In play. In the day to day. 



Belle blew me away this week. I played our curriculum CD in the car on the way to Target. Yes. You can even learn at Target. By the next day, she told me the capitals of Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. She told me what happened in 1620. (I didn't know what happened in 1620 off the top of my head until yesterday. Belle does.) We went to the Science Museum and Belle within seconds pointed out the 4 types of bone in the axial skeleton. I could go on, but I'll leave the rest of my pride in her for the kids' journal. 


Parenting is hard. Homeschooling can feel overwhelming. But these phases are fleeting. Like the waves. With this at the forefront of my mind, it makes it easier to enjoy and appreciate each and every moment.

In the words of Aerosmith "I don't wanna miss a thanggg" 

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